Pictures from 5/4/07

My first flight went very well. It pretty hot and there were some nice thermals at this field. I was surprised how well the plane was riding the thermals, even with all the added weight. I brought it down after almost 20 minutes of flying. I could have kept it up for alot longer had I been more conservative with the throttle.
flight1/flight050411.JPG flight1/flight0504111.JPG flight1/flight0504112.JPG flight1/flight0504113.JPG flight1/flight0504114.JPG
flight1/flight050412.JPG flight1/flight050413.JPG flight1/flight050414.JPG flight1/flight050415.JPG flight1/flight050416.JPG
flight1/flight050417.JPG flight1/flight050418.JPG flight1/flight050419.JPG flight1/flight0504210.JPG


The second flight was pretty uneventful, save for a near crash during take off - I forgot to set the trim to slight up elevator so the plane almost hit the ground when I threw it. Landing was a bit tricky since this field was smaller than what I'm used to. Apart from this, the winds had picked up a bit and there were some powerlines on my landing approach, so I had to bring in the plane at a steep angle to clear the lines and level off a few feet above the ground for the final approach.
flight050421.JPG flight0504210.JPG
flight050422.JPG flight050423.JPG
flight050424.JPG flight050425.JPG flight050426.JPG flight050427.JPG flight050428.JPG

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