U.S. M1 Garand

This is it. The finest weapon in my possession. The Garand was designed by Canadian John Garand and put into production in 1936. It was the workhorse of U.S. forces during World War II. It was also used during the Korean War and some were used for sniper duty during the Vietnam War.

This rifle in particular was, according to the serial number, manufactured in sometime during 1942, which means it more likely than not saw action during World War II. Where? I wish I knew. For all I know it could have been in the invasion of Normandy in 1944 or maybe it never even left the U.S. and was just paraded in support of our troops. Did somebody die while holding this rifle? Who was it used to kill? These are just some questions that come up when you're holding a 60+ year old piece of history.

Now that the history of the rifle is covered, its time to get into the technical facts. The rifle is fed by means of a metallic clip (known as an "en bloc clip") which holds 8 rounds of 30-06 ammo. The clip is inserted into the integrated magazine with the bolt in the open position. When all the rounds are fired, the now empty clip is ejected upwards with a *ping* sound. Not something you want the enemy to hear when you're in a firefight, then again, they may not hear it in the midst of the fighting.

Caliber: .30-06

Action: Semi-automatic

Sights: Fully adjustable rear peep sight.

Magazine: 8 round en-bloc clips loaded into integrated magazine well.

Other: Optional grenade launcher adapter available. I have an M-5 series bayonet for it which is 6 3/4" long.

Right out of the box! A bit dinged up, but it probably went through World War II.

Bayonet mounted and sling attached.

Shot of the receiver with the bolt closed

Shot of the receiver with the bolt open.

The rear peep sight. Very easy to adjust.

M-5 bayonet. Probably from the 60's.

Loading an 8 round clip. It is wise to hold back the operating rod when loading the clip, or else the bolt could slam shut on one of your fingers.

960 rounds of U.S. surplus .30-06 ammo manufactured in Lake City. All 4 boxes came in one heavy ass crate.

Winchester hunting rounds.

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